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Sustainability in Early Education – Lesson Plan April 19, 2010

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                            Riley Schwartzott

I decided to create a lesson plan because I was curious to see what other teachers were doing to teach sustainability and I wanted to contribute. Being an education major I think it is crucial to teach children about sustainability early. They’re impressionable, willing to learn, and can find it exciting (if you make it exciting.) That was my goal; to create a lesson plan that was fun and informational. I think sustainability should be something taught by every teacher in elementary education. I decided to gear my lesson towards water bottles and the harmful effects on yourself, and the environment you live in. First students will start off my completing a KWL. A KWL is a group participating method of pre-assessing what student’s know, what student’s want to know, and what they’ve learned. After that students will view a PowerPoint presentation about recycling, the harmful effects about the re-use of plastic water bottles, and the harmful effects of not recycling on the environment. After the lesson is done students will take part in an activity in which they create their own safe to re-use water bottles. I also thought to help afford the materials needed for this activity students could take the week and recycle aluminum, glass, and plastic they have at home to help fund for their new water bottles. I think teachers and schools assume sustainability is just part of a science curriculum but in fact it is a part of The New York State Standards for all curriculums.  I feel that all teachers should be including lesson plans concerning sustainability in their year round curriculum. Therefore I created a lesson plan to show how a little bit of creativity and research can create a fun way to teach the “Green Movement.” This is something that should be being taught to every child in school.


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