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Easy Meatless Recipies for Greener Eating April 19, 2010

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Danielle Shelp and Nicole Daley

We choose vegetarianism as our topic because neither of us  eat meat having both been a vegetarian and a vegan for many years. We believe that not only is it beneficial to the animals to substain from meat but it’s beneficial to our health and the environment. We researched how being a vegetarian contributes to the green movement and discovered that it is actaully one of the number one ways you can help save  the environment. Giving up meat makes the biggest impact when it comes to reducing your carbon footprint, and many people are not  aware of this fact. We choose to write a cookbook because it’s an easy way to show people how it’s not hard to make meatless meals. We hoped it would inspire even meat lovers to consider trying these delicious recipies instead of meat filled meals once in a while. Not everyone is going to be a vegetarian but even skipping a few meaty meals is beneficial to the environment. we hope to spread the word of our cookbook via the internet and our informative presentation. printing out many copies of our book is not sustainable so we hope people can use the webpage to create our recipies.

Project: easy meatless recipes for greener eating


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