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Shake the Fake and Bake April 18, 2010

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By Ellie Poleon

I decided to research the topic of Tanning bed’s health risk and money risks. I choose to talk about the health risk, specifically¬† malignant melanoma, and the issue of cost. One more reason I choose this topic is because I have also seen a lot of my friends go into tanning beds more than 10 times a year and extremely harm their bodies. While doing some research I found a lot of information on the types of rays that indoor tanning beds emit into your skin. I also found articles on CNN.com about Obama’s plan to add a 10% tax for tanning bed users. Over ten years Obama’s tax plan is suppose to generate $2.7 billion dollars. This asides from all the health risks is a better reason to not go tanning. Tanning is already expensive enough there is no need to spend more money on something that in the long run will cause you early aging, and short term you are putting yourself at extremely high risk to be diagnosed with the deadliest cancer of all. The reason that malignant melanoma is so deadly is because it may not look like a rash and you may not find raised bumps on your skin. A simple sun- burn can actually turn into cancer. Above is a picture of what malignant melanoma looks like when they take the first layer of skin off to get too the actual infection. Lastly, I figured I would distribute my information on a power point because I can better explain my main points and I feel that showing pictures this way is alot more effective. Also,Below is a link to my project and a link to my source. You will find that with my source link there are many different links within the page that I used that you are free to look into as well.


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American Academy of Dermatology: Malignant Melanoma