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Why Recycle Electronics? April 17, 2010

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By: Stacy Anagnostopoulos

-In the past, I used to always throw out any of my old electronics. I did not realize what a major disservice I was doing to the environment. This is why I decided to research different ways of recycling old electronics.

– I was interested to learn about what programs were available for recycling electronics. I learned that Dell customers have the option of bringing their old computer, printer, monitor and other electrical devices to any of the 1,500 Staples store located in the United States to be recycled for free. For anyone wants to recycle an electronic of another brand besides Dell, there is a $10 per piece recycling fee. Another option for Dell consumers is to have FedEx come and pick up your used electronics at your own home for no charge. Another option is to donate your used computers to the National Christina Foundation. Dell has also partnered with the National Christina Foundation (NCF). The organization accepts used computers dropped off at any local NCF location. The NCF provides computers to non profit organizations and school all over the United States.

-Most people do not realize how important it is to recycle their old electronics. The responsible way of getting rid of your old computers, cell phones, IPods and other electronics is by recycling or donating them. With my project I was able to advertise a yearly program run by SUNY Fredonia. This event is an Electronic Recycling Day happening during Earth Week. This is a great opportunity for members of the Fredonia community to get involved with recycling.

-For the format of my project I decided to do a Powerpoint. I felt that this would be the best way for me to reach a wide range of people. With a Powerpoint, I was able to present my information in an interesting way by using visuals to gain the audience’s attention.

-Another way I could distribute this project would be to create posters advertising ways to recycle old electronics. This would help inform students and faculty on campus what a major concern this is.


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