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LEED: Building a Green Campus April 19, 2010

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Paul Shephard

I chose to do my Earth Week project on LEED, or the Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design.  I started off with a broader topic, but throughout my research I came across LEED several times.  I decided that I knew nothing about LEED and that I should do my project on it to not only inform everyone else about LEED but learn more about it myself.  It wasn’t until I was done with my project that I realized how important LEED is to creating a sustainable campus.  By setting a standard for Green Building, LEED encourages college campuses to build more sustainable facilities.  I chose to make a PowerPoint presentation for my project because I believe the PowerPoint format is the best way to get information across.  By combining visuals with content, a PowerPoint is a way for the public to learn about LEED and see some examples of LEED-certified buildings.  The most challenging aspect of my project was local research.  Finding information about SUNY Fredonia’s current LEED projects and future aspirations was tough.  Another challenge was finding up to date facts about LEED.  The LEED program is constantly growing and evolving, and I came across a lot of outdated information about LEED in my research.  In the end, I believe my project is a success and that everyone should learn about LEED.

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