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Sustainability of Public land April 19, 2010

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James Parker

I chose the topic of Sustainable public land because one of my favorite things to do is spend time enjoying nature. I often take hikes in the woods and also enjoy taking nature photos. One thing that I often notice while on nature trails is the trash and litter that people leave behind. This lack of consideration really bothers me. It’s one thing about recreational land use that I wish would be changed. I Decided however to make the topic a little more broad than nature trails and made it encompass all forms of public land such as campsites,parks, and beaches. I had wondered what the main issues are with trying to sustain public land and also what part we can play to help as users.  While some issues of sustainability are based on natural things such as weather and conditions of trails and campsites, most of the issues spawn from human use of the land. Some examples are Fire pits, clearing of forests, litter, and improper waste disposal. Luckily however, there are some simple things we can do to reduce our negative impact of nature.  The Bureau of Land Management created some guidelines for public land users to refer to in order to reduce their impact on public land. I mention these in my brochure as well as provide links on the reverse of my brochure. I decided to go with the brochure format because I felt it was the simplest, most straightforward way to present the most important information and try to interest people in my topic. I figured that a brochure would convey enough information to get people interested as well as potentially look into the issue more on their own.


sustainability brochure