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Hybrid Cars: seperating fact from fiction April 19, 2010

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Stephanie Gordner

When I was given the assignment of having a stability project for class two things popped into my head. First was how this effected me and other college students and then I thought of how I really didn’t know what was fact from fiction of what I was hearing from the news. The main thing that I looked into was the Green products that are available and how much money was saved if used. The number of green products was more then I could have imagined, so I focused my studies even more. I looked into an area that most college students have or will need in the future: Cars. I had heard of Smart Cars before the project but once I looked into them there was a lot more then I thought. I discovered that there are four different categories in the “smart” car category. You can view my findings on the hybrid cars in the power point linked below. The power point was something that can be viewed fast and easy so you can get the information you want but not waste a ton of time finding it.

Presentationgreen week presentation

Speech: panel speech


Going the extra mile written by: Rick Newman

A great moment for cleaner cars written by: Sharon Slike Carty

Smart Car History

Factory picture

Ferrante Motor Cars

hybrid picture

Diesel Engine

Engine Enchantments

Ethanol Cars