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Outdoor Education: Choosing the right program April 21, 2010

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Brian Dolan

Outdoor education is a relatively new form of education and it has caught on quite rapidly here in the United States. This is important because we are in a world that has us growing further and further away from nature. I think that youth need to be brought back into the reality of our environment. We are very much still a part of the natural environment.

I had my outdoor education experience this past fall when I went on a NOLS course to New Zealand. The experience changed my life. I was relying on myself and others to survive in the wilderness for 75 days. I was challenged beyond what I ever thought I could achieve and the learning environment really put the lessons in perspective. I have so many stories about the good and bad times I had and I would not change anything that happened on that trip.

This is why I feel it is important for students to have access to the different types of programs available. There are so many options for outdoor education you need only explore your resources to find the right one for you.


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Going Green; Teaching Green April 19, 2010

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Meghan Ras

The idea of sustainability is everywhere and is becoming exceptionally popular especially on college campuses. I chose to look further into how colleges are taking steps toward becoming “green” and also teaching the ideas of being sustainable. I thought that it was important to look at SUNY Fredonia as well and the ways were moving towards greening the campus as well as raising an awareness of sustainability.

I found that there are a lot of schools around making an effort to practice sustainability and are continuing to do so by setting goals and making plans for future efforts. While researching I narrowed down 5 schools thought to be “most sustainable” and compared them to Fredonia. What I found is we are definitely working hard to becoming a more green campus, but Earth Week is one of the only times students are seeing this.  I think that is important for colleges to teach and practice sustainability all year-long for the most effective results. I also found that schools who taught courses and had majors pertaining to environmental studies were more sustainably aware and therefore were taking more efforts to being green and to saving our planet. It is becoming increasingly important to be practicing sustainability and college campuses all around the world can either be a good or bad influence, and Fredonia can be part of the good influence!

Project: Going Green PowerPoint

Sustainabilty slides

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