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BisPhenol A and YOU! April 19, 2010

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Matt Kline

Good day, fellow humans,

Not unlike “The Observer” from FOX’s “Fringe,” I notice many a different thing here at SUNY Fredonia.  Now that the weather is finally starting to become more and more favorable for wearing less clothing and blasting ourselves with UV radiation, a good student has to stay hydrated to finish out the semester.  However, I notice MANY students on campus using those oh-so-trendy polycarbonate drinking bottles, opposed to a conventional bottle of Aquafina or Fuji, or whatever type of water they think makes a difference, but dihydrogen monoxide is the same no matter what bottle it’s in, so chemically there’s no difference.  What they appear to not be aware of is the presence of a potentially dangerous polymer in their bottles, BPA.  BPA can do many things to many animals, plants, and humans, especially babies.  I seek to lift the curtain covering the eyes of the victims at SUNY Fredonia, and let them know that BPA is BAD!

Like any normal person living in the 21st century, I began my research on the good ole’ internet.  It didn’t take long to realize that I found myself already pretty savvy about why BPA is bad, but it wasn’t long before I realized how little I really knew.  After a while, I began to wonder “if we, as humans, knew that BPA had horrible effects on plants and animals, using the same quantities found in standard water from water bottles, why was no further research carried out or why was it not banned altogether?”  Luckily, I found that only very recently has research concluded that BPA is a significant threat to humans, babies in particular.  Fish, nitrogen-fixing plants, and non-human primates are all impacted tremendously, having their hormonal, neurological, and emotional systems either permanently damaged or radically altered.

Since I’m a sucker for cute animals, things like that concern me.  Not to mention I enjoy the Planet and would prefer to help prevent anything bad from happening to it.  So for my project, I seek to inform people about the hidden dangers of their plastic bottles.  I believe the best way to do this would be to make posters.  They would have to be eye-catching in order to be effective, and since they are easy to replicate and distribute, they are ideal for my goal of informing as many people as possible.  A blog would also be effective, and it would be there with much more information than the posters, but in the end posters are easy to distribute and are easier on the passer-by.  Until next time, stay classy Planet Earth.


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