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Ecological Art April 19, 2010

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Justine Gabreski

The arts are one way in which many people are working very hard to practice sustainability, bring public awareness to sustainability and environmental problems, and sometimes create solutions to these problems. Through my research, I attempted to define exactly what is meant by environmental art, and found that it is an umbrella term for several subtopics in the arts. I also worked on discovering how artists are using various mediums to create environmental art. I also looked into why they chose to create environmental art; to target specific issues or simply to celebrate nature.  I explored many of the issues that are being addressed by environmental artists, along with the audience that the art was being created for. The attached power point presentation hi-lights a few important forms of environmental art, along with some examples of artists who create it, and why. I hope to inspire SUNY Fredonia students and faculty to use our own arts resources to hi-light and create solutions to local environmental issues, as well as to inspire students and faculty here on campus to live a more sustainable lifestyle.

Project: Sustainability Community Project


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