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Outdoor Education and your students April 20, 2010

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Hattie Childers

I chose this topic because I was involved in an outdoor education program in my senior year of high school. The program I was involved in provided me with opportunities to work with students in a classroom and help me discover my strengths and weaknesses. The trust and responsibility I was given in this program helped many of the other students and I bloom before heading off to college. While doing my research I was not surprised to find that many of the studies and programs the articles were on were not in America. The one I did find was on a program called NOLS and provide some very helpful information. At first I was not sure how to present the information I had found and after some thought and talking to others I decided that a PowerPoint would be the best way because it could have the information I wanted in it and I could be talking to provide more information. I also think that just being outside you become more aware of your surroundings and what it takes to keep them the way you are experiencing them. The more students know about the earth and how to take care of it the better off we will be. When the upcoming generation is motivated than maybe they can continue to motive generations after them and we can learn to green up the world.

PROJECT; powerpoint: Outdoor Education: Why it should be considered

PROJECT; Dialog for earth week PowerPoint


“Learning in the Outdoor Environment: a Missed Opportunity?”

“Preparing Facilitators for Experiential Education: the Role of Intentionality and Intuition.”

“Student Learning in Outdoor Education: A Case Study From the National Outdoor Leadership School.”

“Preparing Facilitators for Experiential Education: the Role of Intentionality and Intuition.”


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