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Sustainability- Business’ Perspective April 19, 2010

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Himanshu Narula

Hi, The Topic of my presentation is Business’ perspective on Sustainability. It all begins with businesses, with actual mining of resources conversion into products, release of bi-products as pollution etc. It’s all in the hands of business, so they must be in control of it. That being said, we can now say that the burden of solution to this problem of overutilization of resources and trashing the environment can and must come from the business. Belonging to business community and being actively involved with business for years, I have observed businesses closely. And with my experience it won’t be wrong if I say that businesses can easily and effectively take corrective steps toward a better environment.

There are some good actions being taken in the business community that have positive results on the environment. The world awaits an era where everyone starts these initiatives. In my presentation there are some ideas, some examples that encourage us to find a solution to this problem that ‘Us’ – ‘The Business Community’ has created.

Watch Presentation – Click this and Enjoy my presentation with Sound. Thanks.


W.Edward Stead & Jean Garner Stead. Management for a Small Planet,2nd edition, SAGE Publications, 1996. Print.

Frances Cairncross. Green Inc., Island Press, 1995. Print.


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