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Sustainability: A History April 19, 2010

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Sean Lawler

As a history major I thought it would be appropriate and interesting to do a project on the history behind our current environmental situation. I wanted to trace back the roots of our current dilemma with the environment and find the historical causes. I wondered what impacts the Industrial Revolution had and it turns out that we can blame most of it on our technological developments. Also I wondered how much of an effect post World War Two consumerism had and that it was, while intertwined with the Industrial Revolution, a very big cause. I was hoping that by going back and looking at the cause of our problems in the past, we might find a solution for the future. I’ve always liked making power point presentations and I like designing them to stand out to the audience. I find it a good challenge to try a meld images with text to create a memorable presentation. Other than Earth Week here on campus I would probably consider presenting at another environmental conference, gala, or symposium.

Project: Presentation







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