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Making Dorm Life Sustainable April 19, 2010

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Joel Newburg

I chose to research sustainability in dorms, first because i live in a dorm here at SUNY Fredonia which greatly influence my life.  I also chose it because i wanted to find out ways other students and i could make a personal difference where we live.  While researching this topic I found information on other schools that have come up with unique ways to make their dormitories more sustainable and efficient.  There were many questions that arose once i began researching, mainly about what individual students or student groups could do to make their dorms more sustainable rather than the school and its faculty.  Mainly because we need to learn for the future and we will be able to make a real difference on campus.  A power point was a good way to distribute my research to a broad audience because i could give a lot of information on the topic in a very organized manner.

Project: Sustainability in dorms


Fredonia going green


University of South Carolina

Earth University


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