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Going Green: Campus Edition April 19, 2010

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Colleen Fabritus

People always wonder, what can I, one individual do to help the environment? The truth is, the simplest, smallest actions have the greatest effect on the future of our planet. Sure you cannot go out and change our environment in one swift motion, but together in our community, even on our campus, simple steps such as recycling or shutting off your power when unused, will greatly benefit the environment as a whole. Simple things like recycling, carpooling, riding a bike or walking, as well as using less electricity or saving water, etc. Together, these steps with greatly impact the Earth for the better. So get involved, do your part. Remember, even the simplest actions can and will help the environment.

Project: Campus_Recycling Powerpoint


SUNY Fredonia Go Green Website

SUNY Fredonia Earth Week 2010

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