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Fragile Food April 19, 2010

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By Su Yin Chan

Food is one of my favorite things in life. I think that food is one of the greatest wishes of any human being who does not have the luxury of eating regularly.There are so many people out there in the world who go on for days without food and we privileged individuals,who get to choose what and when we eat,are ignorant in realizing how valuable food is to us. Through this environmental project, I am trying to create awareness concerning this global issue; food wastage. My research work was mainly from the internet and very little from library resources since the food wastage issue only started receiving media attention less than a decade ago. My presentation centered around how and why food wastage affects us and ways we can reduce food wastage in our daily lives. This issue needs to be addressed effectively because it is indirectly connected to the three important things which affect one’s life: the economy,one’s well-being and the environment. The environment suffers most in the scenario; the earth’s resources are unevenly distributed and are getting used up while the decomposition of food produces greenhouse gases,which causes the earth’s temperature to rise leading to global warming. I chose to do my presentation in the form of a speech because I needed to articulate my particular concern for this issue. This is what I wanted to accomplish in choosing this topic: evoking the emotion in others to realize how precious food is and sharing ideas on how they can reduce food wastage.

Project: Su Yin’s speech on food wastage



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The impact of domestic food waste on climate change

Food waste and climate change

How to reduce food waste


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