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Everyday Reusable Items April 19, 2010

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Purdue Universities Sustainability Pack

Greg Rood

As a student at Fredonia I can understand the difficulties in trying to become more sustainable.  Everyday students are bombarded with the “Go Green Initiative” but most of the information being thrown at us we either already knew, or don’t have the time to commit to be able to pull off the feats they are calling for.  This is how I arrived at my project.  I wanted to research an easy way that we can all be more sustainable without having to change our lifestyle too much.  That is where reusable items comes into play.  When doing research, beyond figuring out how we can get rid of disposable items in our day to day activities, I wanted to see if I could find a campus that has thought this through.  In doing so I found that Purdue University has a sustainability pack (above image) that includes many reusable items that I have in my pamphlet.  I choose to do the pamphlet because students have so much to worry about nowadays with everything they are doing (e.g. grades, friends, extracurricular’s) that sitting down and devoting 30 minutes to reading literature on sustainability doesn’t seem to plausible.  So utilizing brief  facts and shiny colors I put together an informative pamphlet that is an easy read and has many easy to follow instructions.  Also I felt as though mass distributing pieces of paper promoting sustainability seemed a bit self defeating so I plan on attaching this pamphlet in an email and having all the Residency Directors on campus email it out to their residence.  I believe this to be a sufficient step forward to greater sustainability.

Project: Reusable Items Pamphlet

Resources used:

  1. Recycling Guide
  2. Reusable Items vs. Disposable
  3. Landfills
  4. Purdue Universtiy

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