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Math and Sustainabilty April 19, 2010

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Kyle Persons

 I chose to do my research project on education and teaching students and teachers how to reduce their carbon footprint and become more sustainable.  I took the approach of a high school math teacher teaching a lesson on mean, median, and mode.  By creating a lesson plan integrating both the outside world dealings with sustainability and a common math lesson teachers and students should have no excuse when it comes to reducing their footprint.  The way we think and do things as children sticks with us as adults as bad habbits.  If more and more children learned about the dangers of CO2 emissions more of them would work to reduce it.  With out a general knowledge of what it is how can young students attempt to fix it.  I believe as teachers it is our responsibilty to inform and teach students not only the curriculum given to us but use real world examples to further their knowledge and make it more meaningfull.   

Project: What is a carbon footprint?


Fredonia Site

What is carbon footprint

Plastic Bottles

Carbon Footprint Calculator

How to reduce your carbon emission


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