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Sustainable Theatre April 18, 2010

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Joshua S. Jansen

I chose my topic after a considerable amount of traveling through the world of what sustainability meant to me. I started out thinking I was going to write about sustainability solutions that were out of the box ways to deal with problems. However, I found that I could not connect with this as well as I should. So my next step lead me to take the project in to the realm of theatre because I have worked with theatre since an early age and I am going to make it my career.

When it came time to do research I found it a difficult to find professional information on theatre sustainability. In fact it seemed more like the Professional theatre world was more concerned with staying afloat financially than trying to be green. This lack of professional information drove me to question why old Broadway had not yet adopted greener habits. So I went to interview One of my theatre professors here at SUNY Fredonia who not only has a great deal of knowledge about teaching students to be actors but also a great deal of insight into the world of professional theatre having been in the business for many years. My Interview with him answered many questions but also left me hungry for more. I had a hard time believing that no theatres were taking the green challenge head on. So with some more digging I came across the website of a man who had set up a documented plan for making regional and High School theatre more sustainable. This eventually lead to the uncovering of the Broadway goes green and green theatre initiatives. Both of these programs focused on the professional world of theatre and making it more green encompassing not only reusable materials but  sharing the resources and already created goods. Also many theatre buildings themselves are being designed to use less water, power and other resources to support the cause.

This research surprised me because I spend a considerable amount of time following the professional theatre scene and had never heard about these programs and from talking to my peers and a few professors they had not heard about it either. In order to raise awareness I decided to present my project as a guest speaker presentation for high school students because they are the professionals of tomorrow and because I eventually hope to teach theatre to high school students and produce shows that cast off the dark notions of high school theatre.

This project has information that is universal while covering a spectrum of global and local concerns. This wide range of audience applicability gives the project a flexible style which could be portrayed in a magazine article or even as a web page of its own.

Project: community project sustainability


The Green Theater

The Green Theater Initiative

Gideon Banner and the Green Initiative


The Center for Sustainable Practice in the Arts

Broadway Goes Green

Interview with Thomas Loughlin professor of acting and directing at SUNY Fredonia.


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