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A New Green Revolution April 18, 2010

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By Aaron Labbe

After watching the video “The Story of Stuff” in class I was very amazed by how the consumerism process really does work and it got me thinking; Is there any hope for a sustainable earth with this process happening constantly? I was very interested, and I  started doing more in depth research on the topic. I found that the majority our current Green Movement is consisted of Recycling and  just buying green products. During the research process I found that as the popularity of the Green Movement grew many of the genuine aspects of the movement faded and it has now become a marketing strategy. Many corporations that feed off of consumerism are using the Green Movement to sell products that are “Eco-Friendly” making them billions of dollars annually. So Ironically the Green Movement that is hurt by the Consumeristic process is making the process stronger. But since they sell Eco-friendly products It evens our right? No, these companies still use non-green methods to make these so called “Green Products” and they also use the money made off these products to make other cheap non-green products as well. And my biggest fear as a consumer myself is all of my efforts to live a green life all goes to waste in all this, and in many ways it has. So from my research I determined that that aspect of the Green Movement is not working and very counter productive but also the other, Recycling is not very effective either. Although Recycling is a very good step in the right direction it is not enough to fix out planet that we are killing, very few things can be made using recycled materials and in order to get a sustainability effort to work we must have a major change, a new Green Revolution.

The project itself is a PowerPoint Presentation, theres also a script for a speech speech to accompany the presentation. The images are meant to just enhance the impact of the information given in the script. When viewing the presentation the script itself demonstrates when to change slides.

Power Point Presentation: A New Green Revolution (Click to Open) Script: A New Green Revolution (Script)

Story of Stuff : Basic Information on the Consumerist Process

World Changing: Information on the Changing World and the need for a new Green Revolution


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