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Energy Sustainability April 16, 2010

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By: Emily Urckfitz

The general thoughts of many when hearing the words “Go Green” and “Sustainability” are reducing, reusing and recycling. These concepts can be applied to many areas of consumerism. My interest of conservation is energy use. The question “What powers our technology and our world?” astonished me into this research. Energy is used constantly throughout the world, each and every day. Modern society has taken advantage and depended on this grand energy source that we are now over consuming what we really need. My project is aimed at making people stop and think about all of the technology energy they use, how to reduce this use and to consider living a simpler lifestyle.

Research for energy conservation began with library sources including data base articles, websites and electronic books. When researching on conservation for University Living I found that the Fredonia “Go Green” site has an Energy Subcommittee section which gives many tips on reducing energy use in different settings. This find led my research into finding more tips of conservation and my project objective shifted to making the site more well known (if I am a student and just found the site based on having to do research, other students should become more aware of it too!).

A pamphlet is what I composed my ideas onto. The format allowed for multiple sections of information to be on it including pictures and would be an easy-read and access. The information within the pamphlet is a simplified version of what energy is, different sources of energy and what can be done so that the reader does not become overwhelmed. The audience is people on campus therefore it could be available online on the blog site or even have a laminated version available in the bookstore, in the University Commons pamphlet section, at the William’s Center and in Resident Halls. Res Life could even make the pamphlet part of the website for incoming students.

Project: 4Sustainability Pamphlet1

Do YOU Contribute to Energy Sustainability? Click to participate in a survey



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