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All In One April 16, 2010

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ATL Airport (Waste Pro)

By: Jeremy Roden & Angelo Sciandra

-When traveling for our spring trip for baseball to Florida we were in the Atlanta Airport and saw an all in one trash can where the recyclable material would still be recycled. We looked in to this more and thought this idea should be brought to the north and not just used in the south.

-We were curious if the north had any program similar to this program in the south, curious about home much landfill space was saved, how much would be recycled and how it made it easier for the clientèle of Waste Pro. We found that there was a similar program in the north but still a little behind Waste Pro’s program. We also found out that the clientèle of Waste Pro can just throw all their garbage and recyclables in one garbage, resulting in the recyclables being recycled.

-We shifted our concerns because we want landfill space to be saved, more materials to be recycled and wanted to make it easier for people to recycle.

-We chose a business proposal because we wanted it to be professional and wanted to try and persuade Casella Waste Systems to adapt to this plan and go from “zero sort” to “All In One.” We felt that if we could present the facts and show them the positives that could come out of the change that they may try and adapt to the idea.

-We may present the project to Casella Waste Systems management to try and persuade them to make the change to “All in one” recycling. One other way we could spread the word is by presenting it to the community and getting a petition saying that they would take their business to Casella if they make the change.

Project: “Making Recycling Even Simpler”


Waste Pro


Atlanta Airport Recycling Program

Obama Recycling Initiative


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