Fredonia's Sustainable University

Welcome April 7, 2010

Welcome! The posts on this site are contributions made by SUNY Fredonia English Composition students to the 2010 Earth Week events organized by the university.  Each of the writing projects aspires to meet the challenge posed by this year’s Earth Week slogan “Be the Change” . Each student researched an area of their own interest  and  considered  the changes necessary to move towards more sustainable systems and actions within their chosen field of inquiry.  Then, they took the research they uncovered and composed a writing project that shares with campus and community members the information and tools they discovered through their research.  Each project connects global issues of sustainability to  local concerns and considerations and aims to provide  campus and community members with the knowledge, tools, and inspiration we need to make a change.

You can use the site in a variety of ways:

1) You can go to the designated panel or CATEGORY that you attended at Earth Week

2) You can use the TAG cloud to sort the entries by topic or project format

3) You can use the SEARCH bar


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